5 Tips to Getting Started In Christian Movie Ministry

Christian Movie Ministry Group

Christian Movie Ministry is an awesome, life impacting outreach. There is a lot to this kind of ministry, more than most people realize. It often involves in-depth training and strategy to understand the full potential. But there are number of things you can do without advanced training.  So I have put together five tips that can help you start making a difference in people’s lives through this remarkable ministry. Continue reading

When The Game Stands Tall | Christian Movie Review

When the Game Stands Tall - Christian Movie Review

A great movie is made with skill, dedication, talent, a good story, and some grace. I think that sums up what went into When The Game Stands Tall and what makes it such a powerful film. The tremendous weight of this true story is used as a platform to communicate strong virtues and leadership. This is definitely one of the best Christian sports films ever made, if not one of the best sports films in general. Continue reading