George’s Favorite Christian Movie Of All Time | Video Post

Everyone has their favorite Christian movie and a unique reason why it is their favorite.  What makes mine special is the impact it has had on my life.  My first True Story Christian Movie that I ever watched changed the course of my life forever.  It got me started on a path that became Movie Ministry.  I have seen films that were more impressive, but none that left a bigger impression on me.

A Film That Planted A Seed

Everything you see, hear, read, or interact with here is a product of the seed this film planted!

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Finding Noah | Christian Movie Review

Finding Noah Christian Documentary Review

To me, Noah’s Ark is absolute fact. It was built, it sailed, it landed, it played an amazing role in God’s plan to save the essence of creation. I do not need to see the Ark to believe it existed, thousands of years ago. But, who wouldn’t want to see the Ark, if they could? Finding Noah is a Christian documentary of a team of scientists and various experts who set out to capture a glimpse of the most famous ship to ever sail. Continue reading