How Do You Reconcile Different Beliefs In Religious Movies?

Religious Movies

Have you ever thought that perhaps you should avoid certain films because they were made by a particular denomination whose beliefs differ from yours?  It is certainly a legitimate question.  And there are a number of cookie cutter answers, but I would like to think that a good Christian movie should be able to stand on its own merits.  However there is a much more concrete and objective way to answer this. Continue reading

Father of Lights | Christian Movie Review

Father of Lights DVD

Father of Lights is not just based on a true story. It is the live, documented reality of God’s work, as it is happening. This film takes you around the world from the heartland of huge church movements, to the remote villages of countries that worship idols in order to get a full picture of the work God is doing today in the earth.  This Christian movie is deep, it is challenging, and it is magnificent. Continue reading

Does Christian Cinema Stand A Chance In The Movie Industry?

Christian Cinema

I would not say that this question is directly asked very often but it is definitely implied a lot.  Can Christian cinema compete in today’s movie industry?  Or more specifically, does it stand a chance against the big budget blockbusters our society is used to?  I think you have you have three different ways you could look at this.  There is an obvious answer, a philosophical answer, and practical real world answer.  Which one are you drawn to first? Continue reading