Our Top 4 Christian Movie Gift Ideas For Christmas 2013

Christian Movie Christmas Gifts

This has been an awesome year for True Story Movies! And with Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of this season’s top picks. We have personally watched, reviewed, and approved of each of these Christian movies. And every one is based on a true story, and goes the distance in terms of quality and Biblical integrity. We believe that these films bring more than entertainment, but they bring truth and life as well. Continue reading

Is It Safe To Let Children Watch Christian Movies?

Christian Movies Near By

We live in a world of entertainment for all ages.  Some of it is good, and the rest — well — not so much.  We would think that “Christian” movies are about as good as it gets.  But some have raised the idea that we might be doing more harm than good by letting children watch Christian films. Being one of the self-proclaimed top apologetic voices of the Christian movie industry, we could not resist weighing in 🙂 Continue reading

My Hope America With Billy Graham | Christian Movie Review

Billy Graham My Hope AmericaMy Hope America is the capstone of one of the most impacting ministries of our age.  Released during the celebration of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday, it is a memorial to the Cross.  Supported with testimonies from men and women whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ, Billy Graham delivers a sermon that he has crafted and prepared for his entire life. My Hope America is more than one message; it is a movement whose DNA comes in a 3 DVD set. Continue reading

Amish Grace | Christian Movie Review

Amish Grace

Amish Grace is not the kind of movie that most people initially think they are interested in.  But within a few minutes you begin to realize that this is a charming film, one that captures the heart.  This is a powerful, life changing true story. It is hard to watch this amazing film and keep a dry eye, but the most touching part of all is the love of God made real in people’s lives. Continue reading