God’s Generals On DVD | Christian Movie Review

Gods Generals on DVDIn every generation God raises up men and women to teach, lead, and proclaim His great salvation. His hand guides their ways, His truth illuminates their hearts, and His grace elevates their influence and their ability to take His message further. Roberts Liardon calls these men and women God’s Generals. And he has dedicated decades of his life researching the lives and legacy of those who have gone before us. Continue reading

Christian Movies Make A HUGE Difference In Our Thinking!

Christian Movies Thinking

A movie is a simple thing, it is just a video that runs for an hour or two and tells a story.  It does not take up much time, and it does not have much effect beyond giving us a reason to sit down for a while.  But a story on the other hand is something that enraptures our thoughts and imaginations.  Stories inspire, encourage, and challenge us to think in new ways.  A movie may not be a big deal, but a story can impact our lives without us even realizing it. Continue reading