Unstoppable with Kirk Cameron Is Rolling Out On DVD

Unstoppable Kirk Cameron DVDThere are hard questions facing the Church today.  One of the biggest of which is why does God allows bad things to happen to good people? Babes in Christ along with seasoned theologians are looking for answers.  Kirk Cameron, the author of Monumental, sets out on a journey to find the truth.  He faces the questions head on. What he finds may re-shape your faith. Continue reading

How Movies Make Little Heroes

Christian Movies For ChildrenWe should be no stranger to the fact that what we watch as adults can shape, inspire, inform, and change our way of thinking. But there’s something much bigger at stake, too.  Our children are changed, impacted, and affected by what they take in through their eyes. Sometimes this is through our example as their parents, teachers, and families. Oftentimes they absorb it through movies, Christian films, and TV shows. Continue reading

I’m In Love With A Church Girl | Bar-Raising Movie Now On DVD

I'm In Love With a church Girl DVDLast fall, this fresh Christian film came to theaters.  It did not debut at number one and it did not break any major box office records, but it did break new ground and raise the bar for an industry.  This elegantly crafted film took a powerful true story about God’s saving grace that most people would have never known existed and brought it to the world.  What is unique about that you ask?  The sincere, detail oriented, larger than life production! Continue reading

Amazing Grace | Christian Movie Review

Amazing Grace DVDIn the 18th century, the slave trade was one of the most horrendous and lucrative industries in the world.  To oppose this trade was like trying to stand up against Goliath without a sling. William Wilberforce however found the courage and strength in God to lead the movement that would eventually find victory against the hulking giant.  I was hesitant to watch this film at first, for some reason it did not look like something that I would find appealing.  What I discovered is one of the best Christian films that has ever been produced. Continue reading