Return To The Hiding Place | Coming To Theaters!

Return To the Hiding Place

Even in midst of the darkest times that have ever come upon the earth, stories of God’s mercy endure.  There is a charge for us to tell these stories, to pass them on to the next generation.  This Christian film is the fulfillment of such a charge. The Return to the Hiding Place is not just the story of a brave band of teenagers who risked their lives to save others, it is the story of God’s hand at work.  Protecting, guarding, and delivering even in the midst of terrible destruction. Continue reading

The Christian Movies Of Tomorrow | Films That Are Still Cooking

New Christian Movies Are Cooking

There is nothing quite as satisfying as when a great new Christian movie opens in theaters or is released on DVD.  But what many people do not realize is the long road that is traveled to get to those defining moments.  The time that goes in to scripting, casting, production, editing, and even fundraising can take years.  It is important to support Christian films that are still somewhere in between being a great idea and a theatrical release.  After all, today’s changed lives are a result of yesterday’s casting calls. Continue reading