What Makes A Christian Movie an Easter Movie?

Easter MoviesChristmas may be the high point of the annual social calendar, but among Believers there is no more important holiday than the one that memorializes the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  However, Christmas movies outnumber Easter movies something like 10 to 1.  To be fair, some of the biggest Christian movies ever made were of the Crucifixion, but there seems to be so few other types of films associated with Easter.  Why is that? Continue reading

Christian Movie Hypocrisy | Are You Guilty?

Christian Movie HypocrisyI have been seeing something in recent days that is bewildering. It is not new, nor is it the first time it has come to the surface, but it is showing up big. And that is an unrealistic level of criticism being levied against Christian films.  NOAH has done a lot draw this into the open, but it is not limited to any one film. It is an un-Christian epidemic that has spread through Christian culture. Continue reading

NOAH The Movie — Doing Christians A Favor Or a Disservice?

Noah the MovieWe are standing on cusp of the March 28th  theatrical release of Noah, a Bible film that has come under fire as being only loosely based on a true story.  For years we have prayed that Hollywood begin producing Christian movies.  Is their first big budget Bible movie in years a slap in the face of the Church, or are they actually doing us a number of favors? Continue reading