6 Christian Movies That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Christian MoviesMany of us have so much to be thankful for, and can attribute that to someone very important in our lives—our moms. There is no one in our lives that represents nurturing, self-sacrifice, and love quite like the mothers that God has given us. Mother’s Day is coming up soon (on May 11th), so I decided to dig through all of my files and put together a list of some great Christian movies that she can enjoy! Continue reading

Which Christian Movie Are You Going To See Easter Weekend?

Christian Movies In Theaters for Easter

Sometimes you have a Christian movie playing in theaters around Easter.  But I cannot even remember a time where there were three! We may not be taking over the box office, but for there to be three Christian films playing simultaneously, we are definitely sending a message.  Especially when we are talking about films that have both big budgets and national releases. Whether you like all of the Christian movie options currently playing or not, this is an exciting time for the Children of God! Continue reading

God’s Not Dead | Christian Movie Review

Gods not Dead Christian MovieMost Christian movies that go to theaters have a limited number of theaters that carry that film for a few days before fading out.  “God’s Not Dead” on the other hand opened with a bang and doubled the number of theaters that carried the film during its second weekend! Ticket sales nearly doubled the second weekend as well! We know first-hand because our local theater did not carry the movie on its opening weekend but added it during week two.  And after seeing the movie, we understand! Continue reading