6 Christian Movies That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Christian MoviesMany of us have so much to be thankful for, and can attribute that to someone very important in our lives—our moms. There is no one in our lives that represents nurturing, self-sacrifice, and love quite like the mothers that God has given us. Mother’s Day is coming up soon (on May 11th), so I decided to dig through all of my files and put together a list of some great Christian movies that she can enjoy!

Not Just a Top 5!

My mom and I really enjoy watching Christian movies together, and so it was hard to narrow this list down to just 5.  I chose some favorite family films and included a bonus #6 for a new film slated to hit theaters just in time for Mother’s Day on May 9th, “Mom’s Night Out.”

1) Gifted Hands – This is the true story of Dr. Ben Carson, who overcame adversity and rose above the expectations in his life to become not only a leading pediatric neurosurgeon, but inspirational national speaker and leader of our current day. This story of triumph belongs to Ben and his mom equally, because she believed in him, telling him, “You weren’t meant to be a failure,” when others disqualified and discredited his dreams. A real tear-jerker, and will make you stand up and cheer!

2) Love Comes Softly 10th Anniversary 10-DVD Set – What started out as a classic adaptation of Jeanette Oke’s beloved romantic novels into a Hallmark film has become a sweeping epic tale and series of 11 films (these 10 plus the Christmas movie) over the last decade. One of our bestsellers and a great gift idea, these films are sure to warm both the hearts of moms everywhere. A set of beautifully made films that tell the tales of the pioneer family that overcame hardships and nurtured their family to be strong, loving, and full of faith.

3) Facing the Giants – This is a personal favorite of my mom and I and we have watched it over and over again, crying every time and then rushing out and buying a copy of the DVD for a friend who hasn’t seen it yet. You will be moved by this story of a couple praying for a baby and for God to bless their small-town high school football team, as they strive to win over every situation with help from above.

4) Sound of Music—Whether or not musicals are on top of your list, surely this movie is one of your “Favorite Things”! I grew up watching this classic with Julie Andrews as the nun Maria who takes on the challenge of taking care of the Von Trapp family one summer long ago. What starts out as a simple task for this warm-hearted nun turns into a story filled with beautiful songs that are sure to be stuck in your head—and strangely apply to your own life circumstances—for years to come. And did you know it’s a true story?

5) Mighty Macs—This little-known newer film tells the true story of a unsung women’s basketball coach who believes in an all-girls high school basketball team in the 1970’s—something she was told to just look away and move on from. I really enjoyed this movie, because it reminded me not only of my own mom, but how I’ve been “coached” my whole life from countless women who have shaped me and loved me.

6) Mom’s Night Out—This movie is coming to theaters on May 9th and you really should take mom to see it! With a stellar cast such as Patricia Heaton, Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Alex Kendrick, Trace Adkins, and many others, this movie has as much heart as it does humor. Allyson is a mom of three kids, and struggling to survive mom-hood. Her husband and friends plan a “night out” for her and two other moms, and the adventure that ensues is both hilarious and touching. This movie is well made, and is getting rave reviews from Dave Ramsey, Michael W. Smith, and many others. Check out the trailer.

Moms may really like good Christian films, but the best Mother’s Day gifts are love and thankfulness.  Show her that she is appreciated on this, and every other day.

In Him,


Jennifer Konetes

Jennifer Konetes

A longtime lover of Christian films, Jennifer is the Co-Founder and Vice President of True Story Christian Movies. She has worked in the Christian movie and product industry for over 13 years and delights in spreading the Good News. Jennifer joyfully serves as the Assistant Director of her local church's Bible training center and helps organize events and outreaches. A musician, artist, creative thinker--and a young mom--she brings a unique and inspiring perspective to everything she touches.
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