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AD The Bible Continues

If you remember the Bible Miniseries you’ll recall a fast paced highlight tour of the Old and New Testament. A.D. picks up where that series left off, but with one critical difference, no rush.  This series starts with the crucifixion and digs into the first days of the early church, there is a lot of detail and a lot of time spent developing characters and stories.  The pace is great and this series is really powerful.

Bringing The Bible To Life

The style of A.D. The Bible Continues is unmistakable, it is a Christian’s perspective on what happened in the early days of the church, but it is not a word for word quotation of the scriptures. It follows the scriptures for sure, but a lot of time and effort goes into painting the picture of the day.  You really get a sense of what kind of turmoil existed in those days and what the disciples struggled with: the politics, the state of the nation, the oppression of Israel, and the tension between the chief priests and the Romans. It gets really deep.

The production quality is first rate.  The camera work, wardrobe, dialog, acting, emotion, it is all there.  This film in essence kept all my favorite things about The Bible Miniseries and left behind many of the things I didn’t like.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed A.D.  Every episode left you wanting more.

Masterful Storytelling

This Bible film series isn’t perfect, but it is more accurate to the scriptures than you might think at first glance.  It does not follow the exact narrative of the book of Acts but it weaves in facts learned throughout the Gospels and other historical records.  It’s an honest picture of those days and it captures the spirit of early Church in a unique way.

Again and again I found myself thinking about how much I enjoyed the way they portrayed certain events from the Bible. Dramatic elements are woven into the story, some of which have scriptural basis, others seem invented.  The key though is that the film does not get sidetracked with these things, rather they add color which helps highlight many of the scriptural occurrences.  There is great storytelling involved.

More Please!

I felt like this was a great example of Christian cinema, and I loved how ambitious of a series it is.  So much is covered and in so much depth.  It makes a great study aid, but more than that it’s a phenomenal piece of programming to have on mainstream television!

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A.D. The Bible Continues Is Now Available On DVD

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