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Amish Grace

Amish Grace is not the kind of movie that most people initially think they are interested in.  But within a few minutes you begin to realize that this is a charming film, one that captures the heart.  This is a powerful, life changing true story. It is hard to watch this amazing film and keep a dry eye, but the most touching part of all is the love of God made real in people’s lives.

Film Description

Amish Grace is a Christian movie that is based on the true story of an Amish school shooting.  It follows the lives of parents and members of the community as they react, grieve, and seek to forgive. The plot may seem simple but it unfolds like a sunrise, both captivating and moving.

The production of this film is excellent, both the sets and the acting are authentic and true to form. The dialog is strong and the portrayal of the Amish community is realistic, honest, and honorable. Despite the tragic plot there is no violence shown in the movie. The weakest part of the entire film is the trailer.

Movie Review

This is one of the most moving Christian films I have seen in a long time. It is not a tear-jerker for the sake of being a tear-jerker either.  The things that moved me the most were the integrity and love of the characters.  You expect to cry when watching a film like this, but what you do not expect to do is be moved to tears by the love of God. The events that transpired were tragic, but what God did in the wake of tragedy was inspiring.

I was also very impressed by the way the Amish were portrayed.  They are shown as a respectable, closely knit community who are wholly dedicated to their faith. Some quirks and points of controversy about Amish traditions are made plain by the characters themselves, though not in a way that is demeaning or accusatory.  The film is very real and nothing that the characters struggled with is veiled or colored.

I left with a great feeling of respect for the Amish, and I pray that each of us would have the same courage to stand strong for what we believe to be true.

Amish Grace Is A Must Watch Christian Movie

This is a must see film.  Every Christian stands to grow in their faith and walk with God by seeing the full depth of God’s forgiveness played out in the lives of these men and women.  We have received such great forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  There should be a stirring in our hearts to better understand and extend that same forgiveness to others.

You can watch the trailer, purchase, and read more about Amish Grace here.

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