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A Christian movie aficionado, professor, pastor, husband, father, and communications professional, George has a passion to learn and to teach. As the founder of True Story Christian he works, writes, and advocates to share what God has done through film.

The Drop Box | Christian Movie Review

The Drop Box Christian MovieIf ever there was a powerful, heart moving documentary produced about a man filled with the love of God, The Drop Box is it. South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak lives in a city where hundreds of newborns are abandoned in the streets, some only hours after birth. After deciding that he can no longer bear the thought of infants perishing in the cold, he is compelled to create a safe place where they can be brought day or night. Continue reading

A.D. The Bible Continues | Christian Movie Review

AD The Bible Continues

If you remember the Bible Miniseries you’ll recall a fast paced highlight tour of the Old and New Testament. A.D. picks up where that series left off, but with one critical difference, no rush.  This series starts with the crucifixion and digs into the first days of the early church, there is a lot of detail and a lot of time spent developing characters and stories.  The pace is great and this series is really powerful. Continue reading