The Christian Movies Of Tomorrow | Films That Are Still Cooking

New Christian Movies Are Cooking

There is nothing quite as satisfying as when a great new Christian movie opens in theaters or is released on DVD.  But what many people do not realize is the long road that is traveled to get to those defining moments.  The time that goes in to scripting, casting, production, editing, and even fundraising can take years.  It is important to support Christian films that are still somewhere in between being a great idea and a theatrical release.  After all, today’s changed lives are a result of yesterday’s casting calls. Continue reading

I’m In Love With A Church Girl | Bar-Raising Movie Now On DVD

I'm In Love With a church Girl DVDLast fall, this fresh Christian film came to theaters.  It did not debut at number one and it did not break any major box office records, but it did break new ground and raise the bar for an industry.  This elegantly crafted film took a powerful true story about God’s saving grace that most people would have never known existed and brought it to the world.  What is unique about that you ask?  The sincere, detail oriented, larger than life production! Continue reading

I’m In Love With A Church Girl | Christian Movie Review

'm In Love With A Church GirlI’m In Love With A Church Girl is a different kind of Christian movie than most people are used to.  It is based on the true story of a former drug dealer turned pastor. It was written by him in prison and produced by him on the flip side. It combines big named actors, high production value, and a fresh honest perspective of a life being renewed. This film raises the bar in more ways than one. Continue reading

Are Christian Documentary Movies Supposed To Be Boring?

Christian Documentary

Almost every Christian movie website has a category labeled something like Christian Documentaries or just Documentaries.  What you find in these categories ranges from boring home movies to films so well produced they resemble action thrillers.  But what are these movies really supposed to be? I mean, what is a documentary anyway?  The reality is a bit more exciting than most people have given it credit for. Continue reading