Top 5 Father’s Day Christian Films

Fathers Day Christian MoviesIt’s easy to overlook and take for granted the good things our dads pour into our lives—provision, leadership, protection, a godly example. But Father’s Day is a time to reflect and say thank you to our dads, pastors, teachers, and leaders who have fathered us and impacted our lives in many ways. June 15th is right around the corner, and here are some of our favorite Father’s Day Christian movie picks! Continue reading

What Makes A Christian Movie an Easter Movie?

Easter MoviesChristmas may be the high point of the annual social calendar, but among Believers there is no more important holiday than the one that memorializes the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  However, Christmas movies outnumber Easter movies something like 10 to 1.  To be fair, some of the biggest Christian movies ever made were of the Crucifixion, but there seems to be so few other types of films associated with Easter.  Why is that? Continue reading

Christian Movies Make A HUGE Difference In Our Thinking!

Christian Movies Thinking

A movie is a simple thing, it is just a video that runs for an hour or two and tells a story.  It does not take up much time, and it does not have much effect beyond giving us a reason to sit down for a while.  But a story on the other hand is something that enraptures our thoughts and imaginations.  Stories inspire, encourage, and challenge us to think in new ways.  A movie may not be a big deal, but a story can impact our lives without us even realizing it. Continue reading

Is It Safe To Let Children Watch Christian Movies?

Christian Movies Near By

We live in a world of entertainment for all ages.  Some of it is good, and the rest — well — not so much.  We would think that “Christian” movies are about as good as it gets.  But some have raised the idea that we might be doing more harm than good by letting children watch Christian films. Being one of the self-proclaimed top apologetic voices of the Christian movie industry, we could not resist weighing in 🙂 Continue reading