George’s Favorite Christian Movie Of All Time | Video Post

Everyone has their favorite Christian movie and a unique reason why it is their favorite.  What makes mine special is the impact it has had on my life.  My first True Story Christian Movie that I ever watched changed the course of my life forever.  It got me started on a path that became Movie Ministry.  I have seen films that were more impressive, but none that left a bigger impression on me.

A Film That Planted A Seed

Everything you see, hear, read, or interact with here is a product of the seed this film planted!

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How YOU Can Use Christian Films To Shape Culture

Christian Movie Ministry Shaping Culture

When I think about Christian movies, I don’t think about entertainment. Nor do I picture a night at the theater or popcorn on the sofa.  To me it is an image of a potter’s hand molding a lump of clay. I see these films shaping our culture on a deep and lasting level. But, just making movies isn’t enough; we need to be actively involved in using them as a tool to impact our generation. Continue reading

5 Tips to Getting Started In Christian Movie Ministry

Christian Movie Ministry Group

Christian Movie Ministry is an awesome, life impacting outreach. There is a lot to this kind of ministry, more than most people realize. It often involves in-depth training and strategy to understand the full potential. But there are number of things you can do without advanced training.  So I have put together five tips that can help you start making a difference in people’s lives through this remarkable ministry. Continue reading