When The Game Stands Tall | Christian Movie Review

When the Game Stands Tall - Christian Movie Review

A great movie is made with skill, dedication, talent, a good story, and some grace. I think that sums up what went into When The Game Stands Tall and what makes it such a powerful film. The tremendous weight of this true story is used as a platform to communicate strong virtues and leadership. This is definitely one of the best Christian sports films ever made, if not one of the best sports films in general. Continue reading

When The Game Stands Tall | Upcoming Christian Film

When the Games Stands Tall PostTo say we have been waiting for a film like this is an understatement! There are a number of good Christian sports center movies out there, and there are a handful of football themed films, but there are very few that are based on a true story. We are excited for When The Game Stands Tall because it brings together everything that we like to see in a film, a powerful true story, passionate acting, high production value, and the dedicated push that you need to get a film into theaters. Continue reading

Which Christian Movie Are You Going To See Easter Weekend?

Christian Movies In Theaters for Easter

Sometimes you have a Christian movie playing in theaters around Easter.  But I cannot even remember a time where there were three! We may not be taking over the box office, but for there to be three Christian films playing simultaneously, we are definitely sending a message.  Especially when we are talking about films that have both big budgets and national releases. Whether you like all of the Christian movie options currently playing or not, this is an exciting time for the Children of God! Continue reading