How YOU Can Use Christian Films To Shape Culture

Christian Movie Ministry Shaping Culture

When I think about Christian movies, I don’t think about entertainment. Nor do I picture a night at the theater or popcorn on the sofa.  To me it is an image of a potter’s hand molding a lump of clay. I see these films shaping our culture on a deep and lasting level. But, just making movies isn’t enough; we need to be actively involved in using them as a tool to impact our generation. Continue reading

5 Tips to Getting Started In Christian Movie Ministry

Christian Movie Ministry Group

Christian Movie Ministry is an awesome, life impacting outreach. There is a lot to this kind of ministry, more than most people realize. It often involves in-depth training and strategy to understand the full potential. But there are number of things you can do without advanced training.  So I have put together five tips that can help you start making a difference in people’s lives through this remarkable ministry. Continue reading

Return To The Hiding Place | Coming To Theaters!

Return To the Hiding Place

Even in midst of the darkest times that have ever come upon the earth, stories of God’s mercy endure.  There is a charge for us to tell these stories, to pass them on to the next generation.  This Christian film is the fulfillment of such a charge. The Return to the Hiding Place is not just the story of a brave band of teenagers who risked their lives to save others, it is the story of God’s hand at work.  Protecting, guarding, and delivering even in the midst of terrible destruction. Continue reading