Finding Noah | Christian Movie Review

Finding Noah Christian Documentary Review

To me, Noah’s Ark is absolute fact. It was built, it sailed, it landed, it played an amazing role in God’s plan to save the essence of creation. I do not need to see the Ark to believe it existed, thousands of years ago. But, who wouldn’t want to see the Ark, if they could? Finding Noah is a Christian documentary of a team of scientists and various experts who set out to capture a glimpse of the most famous ship to ever sail. Continue reading

A.D. The Bible Continues | Christian Movie Review

AD The Bible Continues

If you remember the Bible Miniseries you’ll recall a fast paced highlight tour of the Old and New Testament. A.D. picks up where that series left off, but with one critical difference, no rush.  This series starts with the crucifixion and digs into the first days of the early church, there is a lot of detail and a lot of time spent developing characters and stories.  The pace is great and this series is really powerful. Continue reading

Christian Movie Hypocrisy | Are You Guilty?

Christian Movie HypocrisyI have been seeing something in recent days that is bewildering. It is not new, nor is it the first time it has come to the surface, but it is showing up big. And that is an unrealistic level of criticism being levied against Christian films.  NOAH has done a lot draw this into the open, but it is not limited to any one film. It is an un-Christian epidemic that has spread through Christian culture. Continue reading