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A movie is a simple thing, it is just a video that runs for an hour or two and tells a story.  It does not take up much time, and it does not have much effect beyond giving us a reason to sit down for a while.  But a story on the other hand is something that enraptures our thoughts and imaginations.  Stories inspire, encourage, and challenge us to think in new ways.  A movie may not be a big deal, but a story can impact our lives without us even realizing it.

Amazing Staying Power

I was watching a very popular secular film the other day, one of the kinds where the movie was based on a powerful book.  It was a film of epic proportions and very entrancing, even thought this was about the fifth time that I had seen it.

What caught me off guard was not something new I noticed in the movie, but rather how much the film stuck with me.  For days I found my thoughts drifting back to it.  I found myself reading up on the book to get more background information.  For some reason that story and the depth of it just stayed in my mind for days.

Worthy Thoughts

This particular movie wasn’t based on a true story, it made no provision for God, and despite a few wholesome values sprinkled throughout, there was not much of real value in it.  I came to realize that because I watched this movie I had ended up spending hours in thought about something that wasn’t real and didn’t matter.

I wouldn’t call it a complete waste of time, but it certainly was not a worthy use of time.  Later I had to ask myself a bit of a challenging question.  Would I be better off today if I had spent that time thinking about God’s heart, His works, and His ways?  Well, I didn’t need to be in Church to realize what the right answer was on that one.

After The Credits Roll In Christian Cinema

I think the big issue here is not trying to cut all secular movies out of our lives.  It is understanding that there is more to movies than just the time it takes to watch them.  Good Christian cinema can positively impact our thoughts long after the film is done.  But there are some types of movies than can take us in a negative direction.  We need to keep in mind that the real power a story has does not begin to really take effect until the credits roll.  Image courtesy of thaikrit /

Christian Movies Can Benefit Our Thoughts And Lives

The lasting impact that Christian stories have on us is amazing.  We can watch something in two hours that sticks in our minds for two weeks without dimming.  The types of movies that we feed on will undoubtedly influence our thoughts and eventually our way of thinking.  There have been Christian movies that I have watched that left a powerful impression on me and hung in my mind for a very long time, and in the end I was better for it.

You see, a movie about God will lead to thoughts that are about God.  And those are worthy thoughts.

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