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Christmas For A Dollar Christian Movie

Christmas for a Dollar is remarkably heartfelt and inspiring. Time and again this film endears you to the characters and makes you a part of their story.  This is a great family Christmas movie that children of all ages will be able to relate to.

A True Story Christmas Adventure

There are a lot of Christmas movies out there these days, but only a handful of them are based on true stories. Christmas for a Dollar shines because it is more than just a well-written story, it’s a story that really happened. The emotions, the hardships, the triumphs, they were experienced by a family in the midst of the Great Depression.  The film centers around the one dollar that made Christmas happen, but the real story is Christ working in and through the hearts of a father and his five children.

Produced With Heart

This is a well-produced family movie that is geared for younger viewers but captivates adults just the same.  The camera work, editing, dialog, and pace are all well done.  This is definitely a solid work.  The film starts off a little rocky for adults, but before long you get swept off into the story and the characters.  My wife and I were both very happy in the end; it was a good choice for our movie night.

The characters face some substantial challenges, and the film begins with them still in the shadow of their mother’s passing. But little by little each character begins to open up and come alive; the progress that they make is really remarkable. And the film is Dove approved for all ages.

Godly Examples

Christmas for a Dollar is a good story whose characters are Christians.  I am a huge fan of these kinds of movies.  Honestly, I believe they are more effective at influencing people for God than many “altar call” focused films.  And I think that for two reasons:

  1. Anyone can watch this film without feeling like they are being preached at.  You can show this film to Christians and non-Christians alike and they will enjoy it.  What it may do is prompt questions, which is a wonderful thing.
  2. It provides strong godly examples.  These kinds of movies shape the culture of children in a strong but passive way. They simply show families who include God in their lives, make honorable decisions, and show kindness.

There are so many great things you can do with this film, so many teachable moments that it can be used to create (especially if used as part of a Christian Movie Ministry).  Plus it is just a great Christian Christmas movie.

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Christmas for a Dollar is available on DVD.

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