Does Christian Cinema Stand A Chance In The Movie Industry?

Christian Cinema

I would not say that this question is directly asked very often but it is definitely implied a lot.  Can Christian cinema compete in today’s movie industry?  Or more specifically, does it stand a chance against the big budget blockbusters our society is used to?  I think you have you have three different ways you could look at this.  There is an obvious answer, a philosophical answer, and practical real world answer.  Which one are you drawn to first?

1) The Obvious Answer: Christian Movies Lack Budget and Experience

It is no secret that you need money to write, produce, and promote movies.  And movie financiers, many of which position themselves as directly anti-Christian are not open to investing in Christian movies.

So the responsibility of funding often rests with those who have the vision for the film.  And it is very challenging to get experienced actors, an expert film crew, and top notch graphic effects on a small budget.  However, churches, ministries, and Christian film organizations have been growing in number, resources, and expertise for years.  Take Wanderlust Productions and Sherwood Pictures for example, because of dedication like theirs the game is changing.

2) The Philosophical Answer: Christian Films Tell The Greatest Stories Ever

Sure a story about aliens blasting cities to pieces draws out all sorts of engaging emotions, but at the end of the day it pales in comparison to the work of the Almighty.  Often Christians are churched to believe that Christianity is boring and its films carry that same dull shade of gray.  But the truth is that there is no story that is more exciting than God’s.

All thing that are seen, unseen, and seen only from a great cosmic distance were breathed into existence to fit into a perfectly balanced and intricate plan that we know precious little about.  And here we are, less than a cosmic spec and God Himself involves us in His great story and gives us a part to play.  Christian films done right have a tremendous advantage against all other movies because they tell the greatest stories ever conceived. Image courtesy of Adamr /

3) The Practical Real World Answer: Christian Cinema Is Blossoming

Christian Cinema is growing, expanding, blossoming, and developing into an industry that is bigger and more professional than many ever thought possible. There have been hundreds of Quality True Story Christian Movies produced in just the past few years. Yes there have been growing pains, and yes there is a lot more progress that needs to be made.

But I believe we are standing on the verge of one of the most powerful and impacting movements in recent history.  Lives are being touched every day by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But soon I believe even more lives will be touched by the movies made to tell the story those who have faithfully preached the Gospel and been effected by it.

Does Christian Cinema stand a chance?  Well.. If these should keep silent, the rocks would cry out.

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George Konetes

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