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Faith Like Potatoes DVDWhen you think of the best Christian movies you have ever seen, you probably think of some of the classic Bible movies or some the more recent inspirational fiction films.  But when I think about my favorites, I think of potatoes.  When a true story meets a great movie, you end up with Faith Like Potatoes.

This is the Real Thing

I know it has to sound like I’m exaggerating, but Faith Like Potatoes gets top marks for story, acting, production, cast, script, and pretty much everything.   This is the true story of Angus Buchan, a farmer in South Africa, who after coming to Christ becomes a powerful evangelistic force to the continent of Africa and beyond.  You see a man who is at odds with God, his family, and even himself undergoing an amazing transformation. Angus’s life is inspiring, and his journey is riddled with challenges, miracles, and new life.

I was a little bit skeptical when I first loaded the DVD, but as the story progressed, this Christian film won me over all the way.  You see, Angus did not come from a situation that was ripe for success or salvation.  He came from a time and place where Christianity was not popular.  But lights always shine brightest in a dark room, and Angus becomes an example to all of those around him.

Quality Production – Through and Through

Production wise, this is a great film.  It’s simple, but it’s big.  Shot on location, there is no need to make it feel real, because it is.  Good camera work and the storytelling smooth over the rough edges and the final product is very moving. In addition to some spiritually inspiring scenes and tear jerking moments, there are also good injections of humor used throughout.

The dialog is also very authentic.  They tell it like it is.  But be forewarned however, there are some bumps along the road to redemption such as alcohol use, some disturbing images, and coarse language.  The Dove Foundation gave it 5 doves but rated it as family approved for audiences ages 12 and up.

More Than a Movie

When we first began True Story Christian Movies, Faith Like Potatoes was one of a handful of films that inspired us to take true stories to the world.  God did amazing things through this man’s life and I would have never known about any of them if it was not for this movie.  This work of true Christian cinema encouraged us in our faith, and it was a heartwarming story of what God is doing today.

Watch this movie, own this movie, and share it everyone who will listen. The story of a changed life is always life-changing.

Watch the trailer, purchase the film, or get more information today!

In Christ,

George Konetes

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  • jimeckland

    The producers made another movie somewhat like a sequel that was good too.. Unfortunately I forgot the name and couldn’t find it on my shelf.