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Father of Lights is not just based on a true story. It is the live, documented reality of God’s work, as it is happening. This film takes you around the world from the heartland of huge church movements, to the remote villages of countries that worship idols in order to get a full picture of the work God is doing today in the earth.  This Christian movie is deep, it is challenging, and it is magnificent.

Film Description

Father of Lights is the final part of an epic film trilogy by Wanderlust Productions, led by Darren Wilson.  It is a Christian documentary, but at the same time it unfolds like an inspirational drama.  Darren and his team travel around the world to document God’s works as they are happening.  They visit places like the United States, China, India, Israel, and more. The scenery keeps changing, but through each interaction a story unfolds revealing more and more of God’s character and heart.

Darren and his team visit with missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and others who pray and literally set out with their cameras in faith, expecting God to do miraculous things. And He does.  People are healed, witch doctors are confronted, idol worshipers are touched by the power of the God and turn to follow Christ along with their disciples and much more.  The beauty is that Darren never knows what God is going to do until he arrives on the scene of where he feels led to go.

Movie Review

This is one of the best produced true story Christian movies that I have ever seen.  Darren set the bar high with his previous two films Finger of God, and Furious Love, and takes it to the next level with Father of Lights.  The production value is very high, the narration is excellent, and storytelling flows beautifully.  And of course, the biggest thing is that God reveals Himself through this film in amazing ways.

I cannot say enough good things about this movie, but more than that, you can tell simply by His involvement that God is behind it as well.  Likewise, you will see a tremendous number of prominent men and women of God provide commentary and insight throughout the story.  These are people who have caught the vision that God gave to Darren and have lent their own support to seeing this work prosper.

This film is Dove approved for all audience, however due to the intensity of the certain situations some discretion may be suitable for young children.

Christian Movie Masterpiece

My final thought is that Father of Lights is a masterpiece of Christian film, one of the best ever produced in this style.  I cannot wait to see what Darren Wilson brings us next.  Click to learn more about Father of Lights and view the trailer today!

In Christ,

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