Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 | Children’s Movie Review

Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 Childrens Movie

One of the most important parts of children’s movies is what they learn while watching. Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 not only has good graphics and fun dialog, but a wonderful message that not just includes God, but it is totally about God.

A Great Story

The main character, Buck Denver wants to do something big for God, and is dissatisfied with his job at a ministry. He is so focused on his dream of becoming a space ship captain and getting away from his desk job that he haphazardly pushes himself and a crew to undergo a space mission.

He takes risks and ignores warning signs to end up in a dangerous situation. But he meets a new friend that helps him to see that he needs to stop following his own desires and let God’s love and His will steer his life. Buck learns to do things God’s way instead of his way and through an act of love is able to rescue his crew.

Strong Children’s Christian Film

From VeggieTales® and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer, Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 is very well written and produced. The humor is great and the message is of a Christian who grows in his faith and walk with God. According to Phil Vischer “The purpose of Galaxy Buck is really to teach kids what walking with Jesus looks like.” This is a great film for children.

Even more than that, it is a great Movie Ministry resource that can be used as a tool to help talk with children about spiritual things. I could see kids wanted to watch this again and again, enabling deeper and deeper conversations to take place.

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Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 is available on DVD.

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