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Every now and then a story comes along that just must be told.  It involves an outstanding individual, astonishing circumstances, and accomplishments that are widely recognized as extraordinary.  Take a story like that and couple it with one that includes a life changed by Christ and you have the story of Ben Carson.

Gifted Hands is a wonderful, vivid telling of Ben Carson’s life.  There is a documentary produced on the same topic, but this review is based on the dramatic film starting Cuba Gooding Jr. as greatly respected Dr. Ben Carson.

A Gifted Life

Ben Carson came from extremely challenging circumstances as a child.  But he overcame poverty, adversity, and the status quo to become one of the most heralded physicians of our generation. His medical accomplishments and research are renown around the world. He not only beat the odds but became an example of what God can do with the hands of those who serve Him.

Produced with Excellence

The production value on this movie is first rate. Everything is grade A.  The casting is very professional and the plot really brings to the life the struggles and accomplishments of an inspiring young man. Some dramatic license is taken but the film is produced with the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson, and he appears in the bonus features talking about the film and his career.

Overall this was great movie.  The medical aspects of the film can get a bit intense, including surgeries, terminology, and the portrayal of real and intense medical disorders which are discussed and shown.  Everything is done is good taste, but there are intense moments.  Because of that I am inclined to consider this film a drama, not just an inspirational true story.

A Story of Faith

Gifted Hands is a true story movie and a Christian movie.  But it is not a movie just for Christians.  Dr. Carson’s faith is not hidden and his journey toward God is in plain view.  But the movie is not about his faith, it is about his life.  He just so happens to be a man of faith, which makes this a film that can be widely shared and appreciated.

This is one of my favorite kinds of films because it penetrates our culture to help mold and shape it.  It shows a man living with his faith and what God can do with those who put their trust in Him.

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