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Gods Generals on DVDIn every generation God raises up men and women to teach, lead, and proclaim His great salvation. His hand guides their ways, His truth illuminates their hearts, and His grace elevates their influence and their ability to take His message further. Roberts Liardon calls these men and women God’s Generals. And he has dedicated decades of his life researching the lives and legacy of those who have gone before us.

Rediscovering God’s Handiwork

These Christian biography movies along with the book dig deep into church history.  When I first read the book that the DVD’s were based on, I was honestly amazed that I had never heard of so many of these champions of the faith and their exploits.  In fact, of these 12 individuals, I had only ever heard of 5.  And even then I only truly know anything at all about 2 or 3.

Learn from the lives of these modern day heroes of faith:

  1. John Alexander Dowie
  2. Maria Woodworth-Etter
  3. Evan Roberts
  4. Charles F. Parham
  5. William J. Seymour
  6. John G. Lake
  7. Smith Wigglesworth
  8. Aimee Semple McPherson
  9. William M. Branham
  10. Jack Coe
  11. A. A. Allen
  12. Kathryn Kuhlman

What began to unfold before me as I studied each of these individuals was a legacy of God’s goodness that I had never imagined. I began to learn about church history, about the roots of modern doctrine and paths it has taken to developed into current form. I saw how God has marvelously manifested himself in one generation after another, and how generals had erred from the path.

Recorded for Our Learning

I must say that one of the things that struck me the most was the fact that Roberts had meticulously preserved the errors of these men and women, along with their victories for history.  Never fault finding, never blame giving, Roberts has demonstrated great wisdom in respectfully chronicling the mistakes of these hero’s so that we may not repeat them in our generation as well.  The lessons that I learned from this alone are invaluable to me.

It is hard not to become enamored with the miracles, the healings, and the spectacular salvations that these heroes saw.  But they are recorded for our learning and our encouragement.  And as long as we realize these are a testimony to the greatness of God, and not the greatness of men, then we honor the Lord Jesus Christ by recounting these great works.

Among the Best Christian Biography Films

The book is a timeless classic, and the videos are the only ones that I know of which go into such depth with each of these men and women.  In the book, which is written exceptionally well, one substantial chapter is devoted to each general.  Each DVD details the life of one or two generals through an hour long Christian film. The videos are available individually and as 12 DVD collectors edition.

Roberts has also traveled the world collecting images, audio, and video of these pioneers of the gospel, and he brings those to bear in the videos as well. In term of production value, the style of videos is somewhat dated, however the information is timeless, and these DVD’s are the only ones of their kind.

Testimonies of God’s Handiwork

I have not been much of a student of church history previously.  But from the very beginning I was so stirred that I could not help but to devour every word written about these men and women.  It was as if I was reading a list of God’s personal exploits.  There is life in these accounts, and if you will look closely, you will find God’s fingerprints all over it.

God’s Generals is available on DVD and in Hardcover.

In Christ

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