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Heaven Is For RealEvery now and then a Christian movie comes along that is just the right blend of story and production to make a really great film that you want to watch again and again. A film that inspires, encourages, and expresses actual works that God did. What makes this a great film is that it really happened.

Heaven is for Real has nailed it. This Christian film entertains and demands the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual involvement of everyone who watches it. It is a movie that both seasoned Christians will enjoy and can be used as ministry outreach to the unsaved or unchurched.

A Great True Story

The plot is simple, but the ramifications are enormous. It is based on the book where four year old Colton Burpo nearly dies and visits heaven. He later slowly begins to tell his parents about what he saw, heard, and learned. At first they struggled to take it seriously, but as Colton begins to share details that are beyond his ability to know, his parents are forced to consider the implications. This becomes a matter that the family, church, and community are forced to wrestle with and grow through.

My favorite part of watching this story play out is the fact that the film really grasps and portrays the difficult moments, the introspective journey, and the struggle that people have in hearing Colton’s story. This is not a collection of scenes crafted to engage the emotions of the family, this really happened.

First Class Production

Everything in this film was done professionally, with tact, and care. The dialog, the acting, the camera work, it makes you really appreciate what is going on. If every Christian film was made this well, we would have a very powerful industry. So much was done to carry the essence of the Gospel message well, at the right time, and without awkwardness. I really appreciated the production.

A Movie Ministry Outreach

Heaven is for Real is entertaining, it is inspiring, but it is also one of a handful of Christian movies that are a really powerful outreach tools. The key again, is that this is a true story, so it carries credibility. Next, the subject matter is easy to communicate, it’s a movie about a little boy who died and went to heaven. And finally, the father, who is a Pastor himself, and his church, hail from a Christian tradition where things like this are somewhat out of bounds.

The beauty is viewers get to watch some fairly churched people wrestle with this visit to heaven. And I think they provide a respectful and honest representation of this Pastor and his Church as they try to come to terms with these events. And the conclusions that they reach are powerful. This film can be a great salvation tool, a conversation starter, and even a way to broach difficult subjects.

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  • Todd Princl

    I liked the book so much better. For some reason the movie just didn’t grip me from the heart. It just simply lacked the love of God feeling that a movie like “God’s not Dead” gave me. It was too rigid and lacked the passion that the book gave me.