Heaven Is For Real – The True Story Coming To Theaters

Heaven Is For RealEvery now and then something comes along that hits you deep down inside, makes you choke up a little, and reminds you that there is purpose in what you do.  That’s what I feel every time I think about this story.  God does amazing works, and sometimes the purpose behind them is simply for you to hear that they happened.

From Paperback to the Big Screen

Heaven is for Real” has been a bestselling book since its initial release in 2010.  It is the true story of four-year-old Colton Burpo who had a near-death experience and after being revived was able to share details about things that were impossible for him to know.  One of which being that Colton’s mother had a miscarriage which no one had ever told him about.  But when Colton was in Heaven, he met his sister who told him the story of what had happened.  An amazing story after amazing story begins to unfold from there.

Untold hearts have been touched by the simple words of this young child, who is able to speak of miraculous things but is unable to realize how God would use him to change lives. Colton’s father Todd, a small-town Pastor, now travels around the world telling the story and watching as the words of child do the Master’s work.

This story is very near to me. A couple of my family members were so moved by it that for years they have given out untold copies of the book to friends, family, and anyone who would receive this powerful message.  They have seen this story as a tool given by God to reach lives for Christ.  When I saw the trailer for the film for the first time it was as if I had seen years of ministry come to fruition in a moment.

A Milestone For Christian Film

This Christian movie is a big deal. No simpler way to say it.  I am sure that the film has taken some creative license, but this really happened.  If you take a look at the trailer below, I think you will agree with me that there is no way that anyone, no matter what their spiritual condition, can watch this and not be moved.  There is no way you can honestly take this in and not be drawn closer to the presence of God.

The book is amazing, and I believe it will become the final destination of many who watch the movie.  But I can hardly believe the potential this story has to reach people through film. Especially one produced at this caliber. The trailer is exceptional, the casting, acting, and screenwriting look top notch.

Heaven Is For Real opens in theaters on April 16th.  Go and watch this film.  Tell people about it.  Spread the word in your Church and community. Share this post on Facebook and get connected with the official Heaven Is For Real Facebook Page.

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