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Holy Ghost Film by Darren Wilson Movie Review

Some Christian movies are based on a true story. This film on the other hand, IS the true story. Holy Ghost explores and documents the third member of the God Head Trinity. This is not just a documentary about the Spirit of God, it is an adventure that was commissioned, led by, and ultimately produced by Him, about Him.

A Different Kind of Story

In Holy Ghost, Darren Wilson and his team set out not just to record a story, not even to find a story, but they actually make the story as they go. Guided by prayer, they journey day after day going where they believe the Holy Spirit is guiding them, and doing what they believe He is directing them to do.  The methods are unconventional, but the results are too.  They see lives changed, bodies instantly healed, and impossible feats unfolding before their eyes.

A Powerful Production

This is the fourth Wanderlust Productions film and arguably Darren Wilson’s best work to date.  It is a collection of interviews, narrative, and real-time ministry where the team travels with various ministers around the world to pray for people and look for God to do the amazing. And like I said, God seems all too happy to accommodate them.  The production value of this Christian film is first rate, absolutely excellent.  Holy Ghost is neck-and-neck with the best produced works in the industry.

My favorite thing about Holy Ghost is the unabashed sincerity and tact of Darren and his team. They are not trying to explain everything; they are not saying that everything they do is perfect, or that they are right about everything.  They are genuinely and honestly trying to help people better understand Who the Holy Spirit is, and the proof of their heart is that everything points back to Jesus.

Biblically Solid – With Lots of Fruit

This movie was produced in a spirit of unity, not division, and it is filled with truth for the entire Body of Christ. From a general standpoint, this film is on solid Biblical ground, but some of the details surrounding some of the individuals filmed might be questionable.  However, these guys are on the front lines, literally in the trenches doing God’s work and advancing His Kingdom while I’m sitting on a sofa engaging in theological critique of their real work.

People came to Christ literally because of the making of this film, on camera, and lots of people at that. So I’m not going to offer anything critical here.  I’m sure if you or I were engaged in the same work, we would have plenty of things we could critique about ourselves once we watched it from the sofa a few months later.

We Need More

I picked up some valuable truths and was greatly encouraged by this film. It should go without saying, but I’ll go ahead and say it, this film is very entertaining and engaging. It is a true movie, not a dusty documentary.

We need more films like this. More examples of Christian cinema that are God-centered and God-guided.  This will be a blessing to you, your family, and everyone that you minister it to.

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Holy Ghost is available on DVD and via a 3 Disc Deluxe Edition with tons of special features. And definitely take a look at the trailer below:

In Christ

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