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I'm In Love With a church Girl DVDLast fall, this fresh Christian film came to theaters.  It did not debut at number one and it did not break any major box office records, but it did break new ground and raise the bar for an industry.  This elegantly crafted film took a powerful true story about God’s saving grace that most people would have never known existed and brought it to the world.  What is unique about that you ask?  The sincere, detail oriented, larger than life production!

Big Heart Big Movie

Contrary to the look and feel of the movie, this film was not produced by a Hollywood studio or even an independent studio with a history in Christian film.  No, it was written and produced by the man who lived the story.  He crafted the plot, took dramatic license where his conscience allowed, and preserved the essence of what God did in his life.  He then went out and acquired the financing in ways that would not put the script into the hands of others. And still he was able to make a movie that had the gravity of a big studio film.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl is a different kind of Christian movie than most people are used to.  It is based on the true story of a former drug dealer turned pastor. It was written by him in prison and produced by him on the flip side. It combines big named actors, high production value, and a fresh honest perspective of a life being renewed. This film raises the bar in more ways than one. Check out our full Christian movie review of I’m In Love With a Church Girl.

An Example For The Christian Movie Industry

This film does what I have prayed for Christian movies to do.  It takes the true story of something that God did and brings it to life in an authentic full-scale way with great casting, acting, and writing.  In a number of ways I’m In Love With A Church Girl sets the standard for this type of project.  Not just in terms of the movie itself but how it was created, produced, and brought to market. I am hopeful that this movie making approach will only be refined and grow.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, buy it today and cast your economic vote for these types of Christian movies!

In Christ,

George Konetes

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