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'm In Love With A Church GirlI’m In Love With A Church Girl is a different kind of Christian movie than most people are used to.  It is based on the true story of a former drug dealer turned pastor. It was written by him in prison and produced by him on the flip side. It combines big named actors, high production value, and a fresh honest perspective of a life being renewed. This film raises the bar in more ways than one.

Film Description

The idea behind I’m In Love With A Church Girl is pretty straightforward. A former drug dealer is working to clean up his life and run a legitimate business while the shadows of his past are close on his heels.  He meets a church girl that he did not expect and he finds himself challenged by love and faith.  Of course there is more to plot, just as there is always more to life, but what this movie does best is storytelling.

The production value is top notch, the directing is very good, and the dialog is interesting.  There is a lot of slang (but not profanity) in the film which stems from several southern California based subcultures.  Contrary to what you might think, the dialect actually works to the film’s advantage.  The dialog is consistent, authentic, and engaging.  The language works to carry the story and helps smooth over some of the rough edges that other films have struggled with.  It is easy to get pulled into the story and begin to identify with the characters.

This movie is very clean, there is no cursing, nudity, strong violence, or lewdness.  The only potential fault is the strongly southern California influenced wardrobe.  I can excuse the borderline immodest outfits because they are both authentic to the setting and the reality of what really happened, but I am neither approving nor condoning.

Movie Review

As I said this movie was written and produced by the man who lived the story. And I love how he is true to the story.  At one point there were major movie houses offering him financing to produce the movie but he turned them down because he knew they would change the story to make the movie the way they wanted it made.  So he pressed on to secure financing that would let him keep control over the creative direction of the film.

The story that is told is a great story, a powerful story, and a true story.  However it is not all a pretty story.  Some people may be offended, but this is what really happened, not what anyone is saying should have happened. It is tasteful, it is PG, and most importantly it is a true story about how God changed the course of a man’s life for His glory.

I really like how this movie captures the honest struggle with faith, surrender, and change. We need more Christian films that are willing to talk about reality.  That is what keeps the cliché title from turning into a cliché film.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl Sets A New Standard

This Christian movie raises the bar on production value, cast, and storytelling.  It does what I am always looking for and takes the industry up a notch higher.  I think this is a great example of the next generation of Christian movies.

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I’m In Love With A Church Girl is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, own it today, here is a peek at the trailer:

So as they say, Peace.

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