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According to the scriptures, God gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants forever. Yet, today we find much of the world questioning whether the Jewish people have any claim to this land.  Israel Indivisible chronicles the history of God’s chosen people and their relationship with the land of promise. What this film brings to light is compelling and goes far beyond what I had imagined.

Israel’s Right To Exist

Israel is the 153rd largest nation in the world with a population of less than nine million people.  The Chicago metro is both larger and more populated. There are many who deny the claim of the Jewish people to this small stretch of land, and many of them deny the right of Israel to exist in any capacity.  Israel Indivisible presents the case of the Jewish people, and the mountains of evidence that support their claim to the land.

As a Christian who desires to put the scriptures first, I never questioned whether it was right for the Jewish people to have the land of Israel.  This point is so obvious and plain in the scriptures that there can be no legitimate case against it.  But what I was not very familiar with is the overwhelming quantity of historic, archeological, legal, and political evidence as well.

The Obvious Evidence

I was unaware of the list of modern international decrees, laws, and sanctions which establish the land of Israel as the rightful homeland of the Jewish people. Many of which are irrevocable on the global stage.

Additionally, I was not aware of groundless claims and rhetorical wars levied against Israel.  Such as the fabrication of the term “West Bank,” a term that has no historical bearing and was created as part of a public relations attack against Israel to accuse them of illegitimately occupying a portion of their own country that has been theirs for thousands of years.

This documentary was impressively insightful.  In a sense, all it does is mention the obvious reality of the state of Israel. But international opinion, media, and policy have been so groundlessly biased against Israel for so many years, that even the obvious reality seems incredible.

Called To Stand With Israel

This film was developed by Proclaiming Justice To The Nations, a nonprofit organization established to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel.

I believe this film does an excellent job at bringing the obvious truth back into focus.  And it affirms the hearts of all Christians who have sensed God’s call to stand with Israel.

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