Love Covers All | Christian Movie Review

Love Covers All | Christian Movie Review

A lot of Christian films come across my desk in one form of another, and few of them show as much character as Love Covers All.  This is a heartfelt story that centers on authentic characters that grapple with challenges that really hit home.  This is one of the best produced family movies that I have seen in a long time.

Where Did This Film Come From?

I was more than impressed the further into this film I went.  You see, Love Covers All is an independent picture led by a rising star who literally came out of nowhere and put together a movie that raises the bar in the Christian industry.  Kyle Prohaska, the man behind Praise Pictures has really encouraged me because his list of resources was primarily made up of grace, skill, and determination.  In this movie I see the makings of a first-rate production studio.

A lot To Like

There is a lot to like about this movie.  The pacing is great, the camera work, editing, dialog, and flow are thoughtful and well executed.  I also greatly appreciate how Kyle allows visual and nonverbal cues to communicate instead of forcing everything through dialog, you really feel engaged with the film.

There is a lot of sincere emotion as well, as my wife and I can both attest, anyone with a heart for children and relationships will experience some warm and moving scenes.  Is it a perfect movie? No. However I have yet to find a perfect one. But if you watch it looking for the good then you’ll lose sight of any loose ends.

Strong Story – Stronger Movie

On to the plot.  Michael, a soon-to-be father finds himself between a rock and hard place as tries to make it home in time for the birth of his son.  Some car trouble, coupled with the child coming earlier than expected put the young father in a position where he begins to find out what he is really made of.  And he is not all that happy with what he begins to learn about himself.  Michael begins to learn about himself after he fouls up an opportunity to minister to someone whom is hurting even worse than he is.

My favorite part of this movie is that these characters are not cookie cutter Christians–they feel, they hurt, they make mistakes, and they do it all with great authenticity.  They say the things that real people say, not the things that people say in the movies. And because of that you can relate to them.

Growing With The Characters

I learned some things about myself and saw things from another perspective when Michael cries out to God in prayer realizing that he has not done anything the way God wanted him to do it, and he has missed every opportunity to represent God well.  He then turns around with a determination to pick up the broken pieces and trust God to make up the difference.

I really like films like this, it is memorable, entertaining, a good movie night choice, and it is almost impossible for someone to watch this with an honest heart and not grow with the characters.

Love Covers All is available on DVD & Digital Download. While we do stock this film, we encourage you to support Praise Pictures by ordering directly from them.

Get it, watch it, share it, and support this up-and-coming Christian film producer.  I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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