Meet Our New Missionaries | David and Ashley Coffey!

David and Ashley Coffey CruThis is a banner day for True Story Christian Movies! Today we are announcing our first official missionary partners.  We have always been a Kingdom First organization, but now we are helping send the Gospel directly.

I want to introduce you to David and Ashley Coffey.

A Marvelous Calling

David spent the last 7 years as a missionary to colleges across Southwestern Pennsylvania with Campus Crusade for Christ.  His heart is to preach the gospel, disciple students, and mentor young leaders. God has given him a heart full of creativity and compassion and he has been instrumental in helping start and grow ministry movements at schools across the state!

Just this year, David and his wife Ashley have been called to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 1 million college students in New York City.  A place where the young minds of today shape the culture of tomorrow.

A Crucial Time In Life

As someone who came to Christ was in college, I cannot help but see the overwhelming need that this generation has for truth. This is time when young people decide the course of their lives. For many, if they do not find Christ now, they never will. And those who fall for the philosophies of this world during these crucial years often stay trapped by them.

And even more than that, we cannot sit back and allow countless young people to have their faith wrestled from them without providing support, Christian fellowship, encouragement, instruction, and Godly examples.

This is a big calling, a critical calling, and one that I am so thankful that God has raised up men and women like David and Ashley who have the heart and the grace to impact the lives of countless young people.

Tested and Found Faithfull

I first met David Coffey in college about 10 years ago. We became friends, brothers in Christ, roommates, peers in ministry; David played original music at my wedding, and I wore a tux in his. I’ve seen his life up close, his heart for Christ, his passion to reach the lost, and overwhelming faithfulness.

The renown missionary Adoniram Judson was known for saying that in order for Christianity to advance, we must be willing to send our very best men to the mission field.  David and Ashely are those kinds of people.

Read more about David and Ashley Coffey on our new Our Missionaries page!

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