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Billy Graham My Hope AmericaMy Hope America is the capstone of one of the most impacting ministries of our age.  Released during the celebration of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday, it is a memorial to the Cross.  Supported with testimonies from men and women whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ, Billy Graham delivers a sermon that he has crafted and prepared for his entire life. My Hope America is more than one message; it is a movement whose DNA comes in a 3 DVD set.

Film Description

My Hope America is not a movie in the classic sense, nor is it exactly sermon.  It is a catalyst for the spiritual awakening of a generation.  This is a 3-DVD set that contains a feature message, testimonies, supplemental messages, historic footage, and the blueprints for revival; 7 hours of video in all.  Everything is expertly and strategically packaged in convenient segments.

The production value on My Hope America is absolutely first rate.  No corners were cut in the development of these features.  It is visually and audibly stunning, yet tasteful and reverent.  The messages themselves are geared to unbelievers, marginal Christians, and faithful followers of Christ alike.  These have been crafted to appeal to multiple audiences.  There are no awkward moments or difficult pauses.  Everything is skillfully done.

The total package is a combination of preaching, documentary, dramatic biography, historical account, and inspirational storytelling.  Numerous stories are told, but all of them point toward Christ.  Franklin Graham has mentioned that this Billy Graham’s last personal evangelistic outreach and they have packaged the material to also be a memorial.

The formula for using this powerful DVD event is simple:

1) Invite friends and neighbors to come together
2) Watch the powerful videos
3) Share how Jesus has brought hope into your life
4) Ask if people would like to have the same hope in their lives

Movie Review

I was more than impressed with both the quality and the impact of My Hope America.  After excitedly opening the 3-DVD set I could not wait for a more opportune time to watch it, and I had to pop it in and start viewing immediately. This is really powerful stuff, and at the same time it is shareable and palatable to those who do not know Christ.  More than once we began to tear up simply due to the tangible weight of God’s goodness and hearing how lives have been impacted and forever changed.

Throughout the main feature, the 95-year-old Billy Graham personally preaches a sermon about the Cross of Jesus Christ.  But woven together is footage from previous crusades along with two young people giving their testimonies of how God saved them when they were on the brink of destruction.  It is never slow, never dull, never without power.  And once the main feature ends, you realize that was just the beginning.  There are still over 6 hours of additional features, videos, and content that is skillfully and powerfully produced.

My Hope America is a Treasure

There is no doubt that countless lives will be touched by this DVD event.  Some will receive Christ for the first time, some will be revived, and some will be propelled to a relationship with Jesus that is deeper and more meaningful that they had ever imagined.

My Hope America is something every follower of Christ should watch, should be encouraged by, and should have ready to share at an opportune moment. There are a lot of good Christian videos and materials out today, but this one is truly a treasure.

You can watch the trailer, purchase, and read more about My Hope America here.

In Christ,

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