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We believe True Story Movies and Christian Movie Ministry are powerful tools for impacting our world and culture for Christ.  We also believe that these things are great tools for funding the Gospel, which is why we directly support missionaries! A portion of every dollar that comes in to True Story Christian Movies goes to missions.

Our First Missionary Partners

We are honored to have David and Ashley Coffey as our first missionary partners.David and Ashley Coffey - Missionaries

David has spent 7 years as a minister with Campus Crusade for Christ in Southwestern Pennsylvania. With a heart to reach young people, his calling has been to support, grow, and launch new Christian movements on campuses across the region.

He has worked tirelessly to preach the Gospel, disciple students, mentor young leaders, help new movements become self-sufficient, and multiply the work of the ministry. He has also served internationally in short-term capacities to build up and encourage young leaders.

A New Call and Bigger Field

In 2014, David and Ashley were called by God to step out into a larger mission field.  To a city with approximately 1 million college students, most of whom are un-churched or de-churched.  This is a hub of diversity and a place where the future culture of a nation is shaped–New York City.

NYC has been described as a distinct nation from a missions standpoint.  The spiritual climate, resistance to the Gospel, and challenges faced are remarkably unique. But this is part of the reason they were called there.  Ever since he was a college student, David has been an innovator.

He has developed new strategies and approaches to getting the Gospel out there, to disciple leaders, and to building campus movements.  David has spent years in western Pennsylvania growing in missions-focused creativity and building relationships. All the while, God was preparing in him the tools that are needed most in one of the largest campus mission fields in the world.  But that is just like God isn’t it?

Sending Our Best

I first met David about ten years ago, we were classmates.  Since those days we became friends, brothers in Christ, roommates, peers in ministry; David played original music at my wedding, and I wore a tux in his. I have seen his heart and the full measure of his faithfulness again and again.

David is the kind of the guy that is all in, always, year after year, no matter what.  Through the ups, the downs, the challenges, the victories, he doesn’t waver in his passion for the Gospel, and for reaching young people. He can start a meaningful conversation with anyone, he can touch the heart of a stranger, and inspire those who need a Savior.  He is the kind of person that God has graced for this ministry, and he is the kind of guy that we want on the front lines.

Jen and I have supported him in prayer, encouragement, and finances for years.  And now we are honored to have True Story Christian Movies partner with David and Ashley as they step out onto the water and take the grace that God has given them and bring it to New York City.

That I Might Gain Christ

In accepting the call to New York, their financial needs have doubled, but their opportunities to impact lives for the Gospel have multiplied.

I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider joining me in supporting David and Ashley as they step out into one of the largest cities in the world to reach the next generation of leaders, businessmen, and trendsetters.

To do their work they need regular, ongoing, monthly support.  Check your heart, and see if this is a ministry that you believe God would have you to partner with. As someone who came to Christ while in college, I can attest that young people are good ground to sow into.

Click here to learn more and support David and Ashley.

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Also, David and Ashley love talking with people and sharing their heart and vision.  You can reach David directly at david.coffey@cru.org

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