Our Top 4 Christian Movie Gift Ideas For Christmas 2013

Christian Movie Christmas Gifts

This has been an awesome year for True Story Movies! And with Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of this season’s top picks. We have personally watched, reviewed, and approved of each of these Christian movies. And every one is based on a true story, and goes the distance in terms of quality and Biblical integrity. We believe that these films bring more than entertainment, but they bring truth and life as well.

Every one of these films is a little bit different; there is something for everyone on your Christmas list this year!

My Hope America is the capstone of one of the most impacting ministries of our age. Released during the celebration of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday, it is a memorial to the Cross. Supported with testimonies from men and women whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ, Billy Graham delivers a sermon that he has crafted and prepared for his entire life. My Hope America is more than one message; it is a movement whose DNA comes in a 3 DVD set. Watch the trailer today!

The Bible Miniseries is not just a movie; it is an epic 10 hour film event. One of the most ambitious Bible movie projects ever attempted, this series has fans raving. We are also raving, because this is a must see, must watch movie. This series also makes a great gift option for those who want to watch it for the first time or those who want to share it with others. When it was first broadcast on the History channel it had the largest cable audience of the year! Check out the Trailer Today!

The Book of Daniel is a Bible movie that is simply titled, beautifully written, and well produced. This work of Christian cinema skillfully weaves the scriptures together to tell one of God’s most amazing stories! This Bible movie gracefully follows the course of Daniel’s life as he serves under all four kings that ruled over the course of Israel’s 70 year captivity in Babylon. The story of this movie is what makes it so strong. The production value is good, the directing is very good, but the way they tell this story is outstanding. The Book of Daniel makes a great addition to any movie library. Get it today!

Father of Lights

Father of Lights is not just based on a true story. It is the live, documented reality of God’s work, as it is happening. This film takes you around the world from the heartland of huge church movements, to the remote villages of countries that worship idols in order to get a full picture of the work God is doing today in the earth. This Christian movie is deep, it is challenging, and it is magnificent. Father of Lights is a masterpiece of Christian film, one of the best ever produced in this style.Take a look today!

As always, we encourage you to remember the greatest gift Giver of all this holiday season.  And if you are giving gifts, then consider giving some that are about Him.

In Christ,

George Konetes

George Konetes

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