The Perfect Game | Christian Movie Review


The Perfect Game DVDI just need to start by saying that this is a great movie, a true gem.  A little league team from Mexico travels to play ball in the U.S. and see their first proper ball field, complete with green grass. Carrying the pride and honor of their village and families, this band of kids ends up in pursuit of a prize greater than they have ever dreamed.  And it is all based on a true story, which is hard to top. Continue reading

The Forgotten People | Christian Movie Review

Forgotten People DVD

Some of the greatest atrocities ever committed were done by those who professed to be Christians.  We wonder how, but the answer is simple.  We forget.  We forget God’s statutes, His ways, His heart, His truth.  We either forget entirely, or more commonly, we overlook and override our convictions.  The Forgotten People is a story examining this very thing and it is a story that the world is attempting to forget. Continue reading

Israel Indivisible | Christian Movie Review

Israel Indivisible-DVD

According to the scriptures, God gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants forever. Yet, today we find much of the world questioning whether the Jewish people have any claim to this land.  Israel Indivisible chronicles the history of God’s chosen people and their relationship with the land of promise. What this film brings to light is compelling and goes far beyond what I had imagined. Continue reading