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While an aged John the Apostle was writing letters that would eventually become part of the New Testament, he was also mentoring a young man named Polycarp.  Many years later, this protégé would become the Bishop of the Church of Smyrna and play a key role in shepherding the fledgling church and taking a stand for the one true God.

One Who Kept The Faith

Polycarp is not a biography, but rather a drama that follows the life of a young slave girl who is adopted and set free by Christians in the church of Smyrna.  She is mentored by Polycarp and gives us eyes through which to witness the events that unfolded in final years of Polycarp’s life.  We also get a taste for what life was like in this New Testament Church.

I was surprised by how much this film meant to me.  It is a window into Church history and the life of a dear man of God.  This is a very moving story, one that inspires faith and courage in a generation who may not have known these things even happened.

A Film With Heart

The production quality and the acting are very good, rivaling many recent films that have come out with the support of much larger studios.  But the heart of this film is the most noteworthy and memorable.  It is so sincere, so honest, and so touching. I was thinking about the life and faith of this aged church leader for days after, it just grips your heart.

I did some research into the historical accuracy of the film and what I found was impressive.  Polycarp is one of the most well documented of all the early church leaders.  And seemingly every possible detail of his life and person were weaved into this film.  He was truly an example that generations should be encouraged by.

Remembering The Works of God

Films like this play a crucial role in educating the body of Christ.  Every generation since the Apostles has had strong men of God with sincere faith who stood for the cause of Christ.  A number of these great leaders are lost to the history books, but the records of many have indeed survived.  Men who believed God, who preached the Gospel, who handed down the truth from generation to generation so that we might one day hear the message.

We do ourselves a disservice by forgetting these men and forgetting the works that God did in and through their lives.  Polycarp does not glorify a man, it glorifies the God that he trusted in.

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