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Return to the Hiding Place Christian Movie Review

I have been enthusiastically awaiting this film for over a year, the thought of it struck a chord with me early on.  And after viewing it, the story has become all the more dear to me.  This is a special film; a window into days of grief, courage, and faith.  This story must be told, it has the power to change lives.

Different Story, Familiar Surroundings

Return to the Hiding Place is not a sequel to the 1975 film the Hiding Place, rather it is a story that takes place at the same time and in the same city but focuses on the lives of different people. 

Corrie ten Boom is a prominent figure, the courageous woman who converted her home into a safe house used to help smuggle Jews to safety beyond the Nazi’s reach.  But the story more closely follows Hans Poley, a very young underground resistance fighter who organized a secret team that would mobilize to save countless lives.

Unshakable Faith

I cannot begin to mention how moving this film is.  It is inspired by true events, true testimonies, true men and women who risked and lost their lives fighting to protect those who were innocent from the cruelty of the Nazi regime. The film provokes empathy, tears, but also courage.

Piet and Hans Return to the Hiding Place Christian Movie Review

This is not just a story of grief.  It hinges on unshakable faith.  A faith that prompted ordinary young men and women to stand in the face of tyranny and do extraordinary exploits.  Christ was the unwavering rock that sustained many of these men, and the film in no way shy’s away from this.

Unable To Do Anything But Stand

Some question the theology of those who stood up to resist the Nazi rule and believe God had called them to fight back.  Personally I am very thankful to live in days where we are not forced to make the kinds of decisions these men and women made.  Neither I nor anyone reading this can be certain as to what our consciences would have concluded under such circumstances.

I choose to make no judgments and trust whether by reward or mercy, God welcomed these individuals into His arms.  Because they earnest persevered in what they best believed their faith demanded of them.

A Story That Must Be Told

The production value of Return to the Hiding Place is first class.  The acting, the camera work, the sets, everything is done with great dedication and excellence. This film is worthy of accolades, and has received many.  There are intense moments, powerful suspense, action, violence, and even some romance.  The film is rated PG-13 and fairly so.  What happened in the 1940’s stands amongst the greatest horrors in the history of humanity, the portrayals in this film are softened some, but even still are not for children.

Commander at Camp Return to the Hiding Place Christian Movie Review

I give this film one of my highest recommendations. It is a story that must be told, heard, and passed on.  These men and women fought the fight of faith too greatly to be forgotten.  And I believe there is power present to draw courage out of the hearts of a rising generation.


True heroes would never affix that term to themselves, nor would they do things just to gain the title.  Rather they are recognized by others who see virtue, courage, and faith working through them. This is a story of heroes.

Return To The Hiding Place is now available on DVD.

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