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Return To the Hiding Place

Even in midst of the darkest times that have ever come upon the earth, stories of God’s mercy endure.  There is a charge for us to tell these stories, to pass them on to the next generation.  This Christian film is the fulfillment of such a charge. The Return to the Hiding Place is not just the story of a brave band of teenagers who risked their lives to save others, it is the story of God’s hand at work.  Protecting, guarding, and delivering even in the midst of terrible destruction.

A Light Shines In The Darkness

World War II was a time of carnage, of evil masquerading as good.  With unparalleled speed and ruthless efficiency, the Nazi’s tried to exterminate an entire people from the face of the earth.  But there were other forces at work.

In the time of their suffering when they cried to You, You heard them from heaven, and according to Your abundant mercy You gave them deliverers, who saved them from their enemies. — Nehemiah 9:27

The Untold Story

Many remember the heartfelt film The Hiding Place, which followed the heroic journey of Corrie Ten Boom as she converted her home into a safe house used to help smuggle Jews to safety beyond the Nazi’s reach.  However there was more to her story as mentioned by Peter C. Spencer, Writer & Director for The Return to the Hiding Place:

For years following the war, Corrie Ten Boom (of the famous Hiding Place) delivered speeches before millions world-wide.  She would reference the unique resistance fighters who did the actual smuggling of the Jews into her hiding place and then out of her Dutch home to places beyond the deadly reach of the Nazis throughout Europe. She called this underground resistance her “teenage army” – mere kids aged 13 to 19.

Hans Poley was one such resistance fighter. Using the home of Corrie Ten Boom as a staging ground, young Hans Poley organized a secret team that would be mobilized to save countless lives.  The Return to the Hiding Place tells his story along with that of several of his peers — a story that could have easily gone untold had it not been for unexpected meeting between Hans and Peter Spencer.

As a younger man, I was privileged to meet a humble, gentle man. Hans Poley became a dear friend to me through the decades and inspired me to write of his exploits, many of which were so traumatic and horrifyingly unpredictable as to their results that he was unable to even broach the subject in his home with his dear wife in the decades following the war.

True Story Movie Of The Year?

Peter Spencer has carefully crafted The Return to the Hiding Place as if it were his life’s work.  The writing, the casting, the direction, and the production quality are masterfully done.  This movie does not just tell a true story, it places you in the story. Winner of over a dozen awards, this is a highly decorated work of Christian cinema.

It is rare that you come across a film that tells such a powerful story with such grace and skillful direction. I cannot encourage you enough to support this film, see it in theaters, acquire it on DVD, and share the testimony of this story.

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The Return to the Hiding Place is currently slated for a May 2014 theatrical release. There is a difference between history and testimony, and this film honors both. You can learn more by visiting and following the official Facebook Page.

In Christ,

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    So sad,May has come and gone and then we were told the film would be out October 24th…’s not out yet.Never did we need to see a movie more than this time in American history.I hope it makes it to theaters soon,before Obama shuts this up like his robots are shutting up our Houston pastors!