Silent Night | Christian Movie Review

Silent Night Christian Movie Review

Silent Night is recognized as one of the most popular Christmas carols ever written.  And it is only fitting that the man who penned it, led an extraordinary life of service to the Cross of Christ.  This film, released in 2014 is the telling of this beautiful true story.

Makes You Want To Visit

Shot on location, Silent Night begins as the young priest Joseph Mohr is assigned to a new Church in the small Austrian town of Oberndorf in 1818.  What ensues is more than the history of a song, but the story of a faithful man of God.  Who on a cold Christmas eve played a song that would captivate hearts around the world for centuries to come.

This film is beautiful.  The scenery, the locations, the lighting, everything is done well. You really get a sense of what it was like to live in the early 1800’s.  You also get a window into the social and religious landscape of the day.  There was a lot more to being a priest in those times than most people realize. And Joseph Mohr confronts many of these challenges head on; some are portrayed through documented occurrences while others are personified through various situations and characters.

True And Endearing

This Christian movie is very historically accurate in terms of the big picture and details surrounding Silent Night and Joseph’s life. Some liberties seem to have been taken in order to capture some of the cultural conflicts of the day.  The result is an authentic, endearing portrayal of a man who gave his life to the ministry and created a song that is considered a national treasure to this day.

I personally do not have any roots stemming from the Catholic Church, but I feel like the impression left by this film is a positive one.  Historical reality is depicted as best as I am able to tell, some of which is positive and some is not.  The Church is shown amidst a season of growing pains where tradition and reform are still wrestling with one another.  There is no Catholic vs. Protestant conflict depicted. This is an overarching Christian film.  Joseph happened to be Catholic and the film simply depicts his life.  I felt it was done very tastefully and with respect.

A Beautiful Testimony

I really believe that this is an important film. So many men of God have gone before us that we do not remember or have never heard of.  This movie tells Joseph Mohr’s story, but it also helps us to understand the lives of other faithful ministers who have tirelessly served the Lord during this period of history.

It does give you a much deeper appreciation for the song Silent Night.  But it also forever links the song to the story of faithful servant of Christ.  In other words, it is a beautiful testimony.

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