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The Bible MiniseriesThe Bible Miniseries is not just a movie; it is an epic 10 hour film event.  One of the most ambitious Bible movie projects ever attempted, this series has fans raving.  We are also raving, because this is a must see, must watch movie. When it was first broadcast on the History channel it had the largest cable audience of the year!

Film Description

The Bible Miniseries is a 10 hour long movie series originally aired over the course of several weeks on History.  It attempts to cover the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation by following several select story lines.  As you can imagine, it is hard to tell several thousand years’ worth of history and in only a few hours.  So more is left out than what is put in.

However, the miniseries attempts to convey the spirit of the Bible instead of all the details.  This is definitely one movie where there is A LOT more detail in the Book.  But what the producers were able to do is bring Bible stories to life in new and exciting ways. And they did it in a manner that helps viewers to understand some of the big picture elements of the Bible.

This film is Dove Approved with notes for parental guidance and mature viewers due to violence and some scantily clad characters.

Movie Review

For such an ambitious and huge project, the production value is quite high.  The producers did a great job and poured a lot into this film.  I felt that some of the scenes were excellently done, and really brought the Scriptures to life.  Just the fact that a project like this was completed and aired on cable television should speak to the quality of the videography and scripting.

To be completely honest, there were some details that were omitted or changed that I struggled with.  Scriptural details that did not seem necessary to change, and did not save time.  However, having been on the set of some video shoots I understand that there are times when little things need moved around because of lighting, microphones, and terrain, so I am willing to overlook some of the small things.

For me the Bible miniseries really came alive with the episodes on Jesus.  Several hours are spent on the life of Jesus and the half was not told.  However they were able to do something that I have never before seen done in a Bible film and that is paint a very accurate and understandable picture of the social and religious forces at work that opposed Jesus. I have preached about some of these things but never before have I seen a Christian movie willing to deal with them, and do a great job at it.

Just the life of Jesus alone makes the whole movie worth it.  It really provides insight into parts of the New Testament.

The Bible Miniseries is a Must Watch Christian Movie

This really is a must see film. This movie does an honorable job at telling the greatest story of all time. It tells the story of the whole Bible but it does it the right way, by putting Jesus at the center.  Everything builds up to Jesus and everything flows forward from Him as the Source.

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The Bible Miniseries is also available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

In Christ

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