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Book of DanielThe Book of Daniel is a Bible movie that is simply titled, beautifully written, and well produced.  This film takes you on the journey of Daniel’s life as he serves four different kings spanning from Israel being taken captive to Babylon, to their release from bondage with the order to rebuild Jerusalem. This work of Christian cinema skillfully weaves the Scriptures together to tell one of God’s most amazing stories.

Film Description

Unique in its approach, The Book of Daniel tells a story that is much bigger than Daniel. It all starts with Israel being taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel relies on words of Jeremiah the prophet to guide the course of his life, and the destiny of the nation of Israel. Overcoming trials, tests, and persecution, Daniel prospers under the reign of one king after another as Israel endures its 70 years of captivity. The stage is then set for Daniel to intercede to God on behalf of his people so that they may be granted their freedom at the conclusion of their long captivity.

The film itself is quite Biblically accurate with only a little bit of creative license taken in the scene where Daniel actually recounts the 70+ year story. This movie is Dove approved for all audiences.

Movie Review

This film really exceeded my expectations.  Pure Flix has a reputation for putting together quality films, but this is definitely one of their better works.  The story of this movie is what makes it so strong.  The production value is good, the directing is very good, but the way they tell this story is outstanding.

The life of Daniel is not something that is often covered in one sermon, one Sunday school lesson, or even one movie.  It is typically broken up and told in pieces.  But this film really looks at the big picture and uses Daniel’s life to tell the story of what God was doing during that 70+ year period and beyond.  This film helps you better understand history and the Bible by bringing together the past, present, and future as Daniel saw things.

Even though not every detail of Daniels life is covered, you come away with a true sense of how substantial his role was in God’s master plan. If every Bible film was so true to the heart of its story, the whole Christian movie industry would be transformed.

The Book of Daniel sets a Standard for Storytelling in Bible Movies

Other Bible films have been made with bigger budgets and more prestigious casts, but The Book of Daniel earns itself a place among the greats with excellent storytelling.

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Watch the trailer today. The Book of Daniel is also available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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