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New Christian Movies Are Cooking

There is nothing quite as satisfying as when a great new Christian movie opens in theaters or is released on DVD.  But what many people do not realize is the long road that is traveled to get to those defining moments.  The time that goes in to scripting, casting, production, editing, and even fundraising can take years.  It is important to support Christian films that are still somewhere in between being a great idea and a theatrical release.  After all, today’s changed lives are a result of yesterday’s casting calls.

Here are four works of Christian cinema that are still in the early production phase.

1) Nicaea

Filming is about to be begin for Nicaea, an epic feature film about the Council of Nicaea. This is also the story of Christianity – enduring brutal Roman repression and tremendous struggle before coming together a historic council to emerge as a powerful political and cultural entity. This is an epic story, one that the body of Christ should find particularly impacting.

2) Tapestry

Stephen Baldwin is teaming up with Burt Young, and Tina Louise to create a new Christian film titled Tapestry that will subtly explore intelligent design and spiritual questions. Production is scheduled to begin on February 3, 2014. It’s always good to see new Christian movies in the pipeline, especially ones with experienced casts such as this one!

3) Mary Mother of Christ

An Easter 2015 release has been announced for Mary Mother of Christ.  This high impact Christian film, with an estimated $25 million budget, will center on the life of Mary and tell her story by showing different slices of her life.  It will detail both her childhood all the way through to when Christ is twelve years old.

4) Kendrick Brothers – Title TBA

The Kendrick Brothers are working on putting together another Christian movie during 2014. With no official title yet released, the anticipation and expectation for this film is through the roof. They are receiving applications currently and will begin casting and crew selection this spring! Their last film Courageous was released in 2011 with a budget of $2 million and grossed over $34 million in theaters.

We will do our best to bring you updates on these Christian films as they progress through the production process.  But it is not too early show your support for these films.  Share this post and the pages for the films that mean the most to you.  Let’s help them to stir up buzz, get some awareness, and encourage them to keep going.

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