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The Drop Box Christian MovieIf ever there was a powerful, heart moving documentary produced about a man filled with the love of God, The Drop Box is it. South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak lives in a city where hundreds of newborns are abandoned in the streets, some only hours after birth. After deciding that he can no longer bear the thought of infants perishing in the cold, he is compelled to create a safe place where they can be brought day or night.

A Story of Life

The Drop Box is an amazing testimony to God’s love. It is a story of life. Pastor Lee not only takes in children, but he has adopted 15 of them himself, many of which suffer from moderate to severe disabilities. He is moved to give them the opportunity to live, to be cared for, to smile, even if it comes at great cost. It is a window into a selfless heart, one filled with compassion.

This film is marvelously done; the camera work, the story, the honesty, and the joy. It is breathtaking. This is a first rate production. The director himself was so moved by this true story that even though he was not a Christian, he decided to travel to South Korea to make this movie. While there, he encountered the true unconditional love of God and was forever changed. In the middle of filming, he himself was adopted into the family of God and made Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.

True Compassion

I cannot say enough about the compassion in this film. It is not a dutiful sense of charity. It is about a man and woman who are so moved with the love of God that they are compelled to lay down their lives to save and protect the lives of children. They give all that they are.

Pastor Lee and his wife had no desire to make a political statement. But in a culture that compels young single mothers to abandon their newborns in order to avoid financial hardship and social scorn, they have unwittingly become the object of great controversy and even persecution. Desiring only that infants who are abandoned can survive long enough to be found, Pastor Lee’s work is bringing to light a moral issue that many nations struggle with.

The Power To Change A Culture

The Drop Box is not a sad film. This movie is about compassion and the tender care of the Father. It is sad that infants are abandoned, but one cannot help but be encouraged by the hearts of those who are so filled with God’s love.

This film needs to be seen, shared, and felt. It carries with it the seeds of God’s love that are able to impact and transform our culture.

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The Drop Box is available on DVD

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    • Hi there, actually the film has completed its theatrical run and was just released to DVD. Have a blessed day!

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