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Some of the greatest atrocities ever committed were done by those who professed to be Christians.  We wonder how, but the answer is simple.  We forget.  We forget God’s statutes, His ways, His heart, His truth.  We either forget entirely, or more commonly, we overlook and override our convictions.  The Forgotten People is a story examining this very thing and it is a story that the world is attempting to forget.

We Must Remember

Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today
~ Deuteronomy 8:11

When we forget, the only path available to us is darkness.  We once knew, we had light, the truth rang clear, but when we drift from that, everything becomes darker.  The Forgotten People is the story of Christianity and the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is not just one of the darkest events in history.  It was an event that was facilitated and permitted by many Christians.  It is a stark reminder of how even those who know God can drift into darkness when they begin to forget.  This film is a memorial, not of the atrocity that occurred, but it stands as a warning to all Christians.  It is a guidepost to show us how easily we could allow another atrocity to occur in the future, and how we must guard our hearts and our ways.

Light In The Darkness

This film is excellently produced; it contains a wealth of historical footage and insights from modern events.  In many ways it is timeless because the real subject is not only current events, but the hearts of those who know God.

Almost since the inception of the Church, Christians have persecuted the Jews.  Even to this day prejudices exist.  For this to happen, Christians need to forget the promise God made to NEVER forget the descendants of Abraham, we need to forget most of our old testament, we need to forget that Jesus was a Jew, we need to forget that all of the apostles were Jews, we need to forget what the new testament has to say about the Jews, we need to forget the entirety of Jesus teachings, and we must forget even the most fundamental Bible teachings of honor, dignity, and love for all human beings.

This movie digs into many of these issues and provides wisdom on how we can prevent history from repeating itself.  And it shines a light on people and events that many have forgotten.  This is a very timely topic, as Israel has been under siege in recent times.

Standing With Israel

This film and its sister documentary Israel Indivisible were developed by Proclaiming Justice To The Nations, a nonprofit organization established to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel.

I believe this movie does a great job at bringing the obvious truth back to remembrance.  And it affirms the hearts of all Christians who have sensed God’s call to stand with Israel.

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