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The Perfect Game DVDI just need to start by saying that this is a great movie, a true gem.  A little league team from Mexico travels to play ball in the U.S. and see their first proper ball field, complete with green grass. Carrying the pride and honor of their village and families, this band of kids ends up in pursuit of a prize greater than they have ever dreamed.  And it is all based on a true story, which is hard to top.

A Perfect Family Film

The Perfect Game is a Christian movie for all ages, children through adults.  It is a story of rising above the odds, circumstances, and even racism to accomplish great things.  They travel together with their coach and village priest and refuse to throw the first pitch of every game until they receive a blessing.  With little more than the love of the game and loyalty to their loved ones, they embark on a monumental journey.

The production value of this film far surpassed what I had expected.  From the acting to the camera work, everything is done beautifully. The story comes alive on screen.  Set in the 50s, this is a historical sports epic in the world of little league baseball. And I believe this is one of the most overlooked Christian children’s movies out there.

More Than Just Fun

One of my favorite things about this film is that it is not about the faith message. Rather, faith was an integral part of these kid’s lives.  Everything they do hinges upon their faith, it is woven into their culture and their playing.  And I believe this is great for children to see.  They get a sense for what it is like to keep God at the center of their life, even while earnestly pursuing sports, which is a great witness in our modern society.

Films like this help impact the culture, they have transformative potential.  And it just so happens to be very entertaining!

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The movie is rated PG, although the Dove Foundation has approved it for all ages and has given it their highest rating with five doves.  See this movie!

The Perfect Game is also available on DVD.

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