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The Song Christian Movie Review

The Song is a modern retelling of the life King Solomon. This faith-based film explores the great highs, deep lows, and the redemption that can only come through God. It is a powerful film that was made well and with great care.  But it is a very intense film, and is not suitable for all audiences.  But there is a lot to gain.

Overview & Scriptural Roots

In essence The Song adapted passages from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon into a real-life modern day storyline. They do an excellent job at portraying the danger of our choices and how God’s wisdom and guidance would have us miss the mess. The storyline is interwoven with direct reading from Scripture which is layered over many scenes describing and adding depth to what is portrayed onscreen. This is done really well.

This Christian movie focuses on “Jed King” (Solomon’s) life, including his dating and marrying of “Rose,” to his tumultuous musical career, and the consequences that surround his extramarital and damaging lifestyle choices.

Deeper Into the Story

Five years after Jed and Rose get married, his career takes off. He goes from being home nine months out of the year to hardly ever being home. The fame, fortune, and temptations of the tour lifestyle begin to creep in on Jed. Home becomes strange to him, he and Rose often fight, and they allow a disconnect in their relationship.

Explicit scenes of drug use (marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, prescription pills) and his affair with the female co-star on his tour (Shelby) unwind on screen. Everything comes to a head when his career is at its pinnacle and the secrets begin to slip out into the open. His marriage falls apart, his health plummets, and he has to choose whether he will continue to spiral downward or reach for help.

Shining Light Into the Darkness

This film helps us to see, in a rather gritty way, the absolute peril and loss that comes from lifestyle choices that Jed made, which are prevalent in our society. I do believe watching this film can expel some of the lies we are told in our culture today, since temptation is everywhere.

I do appreciate the leap the film takes in presenting the truth. I believe this movie will help young married couples see temptation for what it is. And it can help other adults and married couples gain perspective. Additionally, it can help us all to not judge the battles that others are going through—since we may not know what is happening behind the scenes.

Where is God in The Song?

This is not what I would consider an ideal family or youth group movie. And I would strongly caution against taking children to see it.  It is rated PG-13 and I think 13 is still generally too young.  This film delves deep into dark and dirty issues, offering the wisdom found on the pages of the Bible as its guiding light.

Salvation is not specifically mentioned, but a steady relationship with God is offered. Likewise, Jesus is not mentioned by name, but Gospel is inferred, most directly through a post-credits scene.  Overall I do think The Song has truths, powerful insight to real-life situations, and was made excellently.

Redemption Has a Cost

In the end, redemption can only come through the Cross of Jesus Christ, Who can truly change us from the inside out and bring healing into our hearts. His death and Resurrection has given us all a second chance. Appropriately, this film ends with the image of the Cross.

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The Song begins playing in theaters September 26th, 2014 Go here to learn more and find it in a theater near you.

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