Top 35 Upcoming Christian Movies for 2016

It looks like 2016 is already shaping up to be a big year for Christian movies!  A lot of great films are on the way, true story films, creative fiction films, Bible movies, family films, you name it.  Here is a list of the top 35 Upcoming Christian movies for 2016!

1 – Just Let Go – January 5 – (DVD)


2 – Full of Grace: The Story of Mary of Nazareth – January 5 – (DVD) – CFDb Movie Review


3 – The Masked Saint – January 8 (Theaters)


4 – Prayer Never Fails – January 15 (Theaters)


5 – Caged: No More – January 22 (Theaters)


6 – The Pastor – January 25 (Theaters)


7 – The Ultimate Legacy – January 31 (TV/Cable) Hallmark


8- Masterless – February 2 – (DVD)


9 – Born To Win – February 2 – (DVD)


10 – Noah’s Ark – February 2 – (DVD)


To see the remaining 11-35 films, check out the full list that our friends over at the Christian Film Database have put together!

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George Konetes

George Konetes

A Christian movie aficionado, professor, pastor, husband, father, and communications professional, George has a passion to learn and to teach. As the founder of True Story Christian he works, writes, and advocates to share what God has done through film.
George Konetes

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  • larryamon

    That’s some list. Which of these movies have you seen and do you personally recommend?